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My Journey of Impact and Inspiration at Dress for Success Cincinnati

7/1/2023 10:00:56 AM

Angela in front of the Mobile Transformation Center during a Mobile Styling visit to the Brighton Center.  


Many, many years ago, while a senior in high-school, I landed a co-op position at a small prestigious law firm on Fourth Street in downtown Cincinnati. Most days, I had a family car available to drive there and if I did not, I had money to take the bus. The firm had three family law attorneys, all women, who were the best of the best in their field.   With each week I was learning or experiencing something new – manual typewriters to word processors, transcribing legal jargon, overhearing unbelievable negotiations, the list goes on.  My time there has proved to be invaluable over and over again, and never have I forgotten how much I gained from that job and those women - all of whom helped shape me into the person and professional I would become.  I will not say I was “lucky” because it was not luck that led me to that job, it was my GPA, family, and resources that led the way. The reality is, not everyone has a solid education, a set of parents cheering them on, a first boss who believes in them, or even appropriate clothes to wear.  A lot of people just need some help along their way.   This was not lost on me then, and that clarity has never diminished.   

Fast forward to several years and a career discovery later, it was my turn to help influence and empower other women. For a long time, I had difficulty finding the best avenue, but during my first visits to Dress for Success in 2017, I knew I had found a volunteer home.  

As a recruiter, I spent much of my time helping clients with interview preparation, resume writing, job readiness, social media, and more.  With time, growth, and expanded programs at DFSC, opportunities and needs have evolved for the volunteer team.  In 2023 I began helping in the “styling center”, helping clients chose an interview outfit and wardrobe attire, an incredibly fun diversion!  Watching a client leave with the shopping bag holding their selection, a new tote, and sometimes other goodies, is extremely rewarding. Soon DFSC will be ramping up for the big fundraising luncheon in September, which brings another set of needs to help make a difference. I love the diversity in options available of ways to make an impact at this event.  With each one, I always go away feeling respected, appreciated, and motivated to do more.  

In summary, my personal journey provided several women who influenced my career and life. DFSC has become a meaningful resource for me to give back and positively help shape the paths of women seeking to enhance their own life - personally or professionally. My goal is that in addition to helping a client secure employment, someday they will tell a story about a woman named Angela who touched their heart or helped them find their way. 

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” -Leo Buscaglia 

Angela is a lifelong Cincinnatian where she resides with her husband, Mike, and dachshund Findlay.  She and Mike are proud parents of two adult daughters and one granddaughter, Matilda (2.5).  

Angela spent much of her early work in human resources contract recruiting and is currently a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Fifth Third Bank, where she has been for 18 years and looks forward to finishing out her career. Angela’s hobbies include baking, gardening, and event planning. 


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Volunteer Manager Courtney Shannon at cshannon@dfscincy.org. If you are interested in supporting Dress for Success Cincinnati with a financial donation, you can do so here.