Regan’s Story

Dress for Success supplied me with my first interview outfit (a black pantsuit, a white shirt, a purse, and a pair of shoes that I still wear).  As a result of my preparation for the interview and the professional attire supplied by Dress for Success, I landed my first job out of college!

Not only did Dress for Success provide me with a successful interview outfit, but also, once I landed the job, the organization provided me with five work outfits—enough clothes to get me through an entire work week. 

This lift-up helped to transform my life, and I am forever grateful. It’s amazing how such a kind gesture can have such a profound impact.

It’s been eight years since Dress for Success helped me. Since that time, I have been consistently employed in the social services field. Recently, I was promoted to a middle-management position, a promotion that makes me very proud.

Looking back, I know that when I was in need, Dress for Success was there for me. Now, every day at work, I express my gratitude to Dress for Success by providing security, dignity, and community to formerly homeless individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

Dress for Success donors and friends need to know that their impact resonates out into the larger community, impacting countless lives.