Sara's Story

Sara’s relationship with Dress for Success first started in 2016 when she was a student at Gateway Community College. She attended one of our Mobile Styling Events, where volunteers team up with a client to help them choose the perfect interview outfit.

While being enrolled in college and being a mother, Sara didn’t see a way out of job hopping. She did not know her passion and she settled for jobs just to get a paycheck to help provide for her family. Even being employed, Sara was struggling to make ends meet. Sara started feeling unmotivated and like she wasn’t living to her full potential.

While Sara was working through school, she struggled finding adequate housing, was not able to afford enough food and was in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. After the loss of her newborn child, she spent the next three years wondering how she would get out of bed. She eventually found the strength to start applying for new jobs.

Sara was looking for a career, but she found much more.  While she was applying for jobs, she eventually found herself on the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs’ website. She stumbled across the listing for a Veterans Service Officer. After applying, Sara attended three rounds of interviews and was offered the position in December!

In this role, Sara helps veterans who need assistance applying for pension and benefits. This includes helping them with paperwork, working the technology and much more. After she was offered the position, she realized she no longer had professional clothing that fit! That is when Sara made her way back to DFSC for her ten pieces to start her new career in. Now, Sara is able to provide for her family and help veterans in her community!  

Sara left this advice to women in similar situations, “Realize your potential and know what you want and go for it! Make emails, phone calls, etc. Work for what you want! Follow up, be persistent. Don’t give up if you don’t feel like you’re enough.”