Donor and Sponsor Recognition

Dress for Success Cincinnati exists and is able to serve approximately 1,000 women each year because of the generosity of the individuals and companies in our community. Here we recognize and thank them for their support of our services and our mission.

Dress for Success Cincinnati is grateful for these and our many other supporters. 


Champion Circle

The Champion Circle recognizes individuals who have championed the cause of Dress for Success Cincinnati through cumulative annual giving of $1,000 or more in a calendar year — those who have helped to bring our clients’ lives full circle and those who will be champions in our future growth.


2021 Champion Circle

Kathleen & Greg Brandstetter

Barbara Wagner

Pamela Barbash

Sue & Donald Corken

Carolyn Gorman

Toby Hazen

Vicki Herche

Joann Hubert

Mary & Bill Ivers

Mary Pat Lienhart

Adam Schmucker

Phyllis Slusher

Brenda Wehmer

Joy Albi

Linda Allen

Tamara & Lars Andersson

Luann Becker

Carol Berning

Carol Butler

Manuel Chavez

Meredythe & Clayton Daley

Elizabeth Dallman

Elizabeth & John Dye

Sharon & Robert Gill

Sarah & James Goldman

Francine Gunning

Jennifer Hill

Ron & Sandy Hitzler

Ashley Huff

Joy Josephs

Marianne & Donald P. Klekamp

Linda Lauch

Lisa Lickert

Deborah Majoras

Robert Manning

Lisa & Tim Massa

Julie Mueller

Cory Nolan

Lisa & Evan Nolan

Carol Duane Olson

Cari & Christopher Van Pelt

Nicole Portal

Mark Ratliff

Missy Richardson

Carole Riguad

Amanda van Rooyen

Donna Salyers

Maureen Sayre

Phiroza Setna

Elizabeth Sherwood

Daniel Taylor

Kathy Thornton

Betsy Townsend

Jody Yetzer

Jessie Zettler

We Gratefully Recognize the Crucial Support of Grants from These Foundations and Other Funders

2020 Grant Funders 


Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation

Cincinnati International Wine Festival

City of Cincinnati

George B. Riley Trust Estate

Magnified Giving

Marge & Charles J. Schott Foundation

Northrop Grumann

Ohio National Foundation

SC Ministry Foundation


The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation

Thomas J. Emery Memorial


William P. Anderson Foundation

Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation




We recognize the sponsors and supporters of Dress for Success Cincinnati's annual Fashion Show luncheon. See our Fashion Show sponsors on our Fashion Show page